+34 633 706 130

+34 633 706 130


Nordic Drinks S.L is a company established in early 2016 that provides alcoholic drinks from Estonia. is a little country in the north of Europe. But even though being so little, they know how to make good alcohol. It is very hard to find a person from Nordic countries, who doesnt know Estonian alcohol. It is known of its pure and clean taste.

It all started one sunny day, walking in Malaga city. It just occured, that Spain has to have piece of us.

So we decided to arrange everything to be able to offer our amazing tastes. It doesn’t matter what your taste is, you will find something exactly for your taste.

And actually it has been very good. We are growing every day!

The drinks are made from very natural ingredients. For example, the ciders we have, are made from 100% pure juice and natural wine. Super Manki energy drink has NO taurin or caffeine inside! It is made from B-group vitamins, that help your energy levels in a natural way. Amazing, no?

So, if you are interested in trying our drinks, or selling them to your customers, don’t hesitate to contact! We are very friendly and super flexible in business.

And by the way, we speak lots of languages. So there is no excuse not to contact. We have spanish, english, finnish, russian, estonian, hungarian speakers for now and we are expanding very fast.

See you soon!